The Caterham Register

                             a register of Caterham Seven limited and special editions     

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Since 1973 when Caterham Cars agreed with Lotus to take over the "rights" to continue building the iconic Seven, Caterham have produced various "special edition" cars, whether due to the development of special high-performance" models or simply to commemorate milestones in the history of the Seven.

Many of these special edition cars have been part of a "numbered series" each carrying a plaque on the dash-board showing the special or limited edition type and the individual number.

This site is a resource to record each of the numbered edition models, bringing together information about the individual cars produced - specifications, history and current details on each car.

If you have one of these Caterham models and are happy for it to be added to the site, please use the link at the bottom of the page.

Cars recently added ...

1400 Roadsport No.1

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